A pairing of art and fine food

Come on a 5-day all-inclusive Metal Clay experience during the Summertime among the beautiful rolling farms of Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Master Metal Clay Instructor Holly Gage. “Whimsical Critters” in Silver Metal Clay is for those seeking a sense of fun and whimsy in their work. In fact, the entire retreat will be packed full of fun, good friends, and an unforgettable workshop experience.

 The Chestnut Hill Villa is a beautifully appointed 1755 farm house. It has several grand rooms for socializing, or you can hide away in a little nook. The property is thoughtfully designed inside and out with built in amenities to pamper you, including: Jacuzzi, and Swimming Pool for a Summer night pool and wine party, Butterfly Garden which will be in bloom, Fire Pit for marshmallow roasts, Garden Gazebo for a quiet place to sit, Putting Green and Billiards for relaxation, Wifi and Cable for your convenience.
 The kitchen and dining room at the Villa are equally impressive. Chef Christopher will cater our retreat with his special brand of TLC in his meticulously prepared and locally sourced meals.

Whimsical Critter Retreat by Holly Gage

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Approximately 2 weeks prior to the event you will receive a last-minute checklist to help you get more organized for the workshop. Workshop supplies are listed in the document.