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Dimensional Mandalas with Opals Using Scratch Foam

Tuesday, July 16 - August 6
1:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern
(4) 1 hour sessions live and interactive online on Go to Meeting
Beginners - Advanced

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and express yourself in a meaningful way. We will begin by exploring Mandalas and creating our own by hand, focusing on freely expressing our emotions. After that, we will deconstruct our drawings to add depth and transfer the design onto Scratch Foam to capture the lines in low relief. Scratch Foam has its own unique look and feel, giving our creations a distinct signature. As we cut, shape, and dry the Metal Clay parts, we will assemble them in layers to give the Mandala a sense of depth. Throughout the process, you will learn various techniques for creating textures in Scratch Foam, assembling, setting Fire in Place Cultured Opals, and best practices for working with them. Opals symbolize hope, purity, and truth, making them the perfect fit for this project. We will start with the basics, explore creative boundaries, and explore advanced skills anyone can learn.

Dimensional Mandalas with Opals : Using Simple Scratch Foam Techniques

    • 30g Fine Silver Metal Clay
    • Fire in Place Cultured Opals* as needed for your design (1 large, multiple small)
    • Scratch foam
    • Packing tape or contact paper
    • Pencil
    • Broad and fine ball point pens
    • Various tipped ball stylus
    • Tracing paper
    • Denatured alcohol
    • Fine-grain vermiculite.
    • Grafix® Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket
    • Wet Ones® hand wipes (better than average baby wipes)
    • 1/8” Foam Paper/foam healing tool or baby wipes
    • Silly Putty®
    • Polymer clay
    • Drill bit
    • Super Glue® - gel type
    • Denatured alcohol
    • 3M® Bristle brushes
    • Eve® Rubber wheels and knife
    • edge sets
    • 3mm Polishing pin
    • Fused silica bead firing dish or
    • fiber bowl
    • Kiln and kiln furniture
    • Fine grain vermiculite

    Basic Tool Kit

    • Snake roller
    • Playing cards
    • Lubricant (Cool Slip®, badger balm)
    • Metal Clay rolling pin tool
    • Exacto® knife
    • Pin tool or awl
    • Non-stick work surface
    • Small #2 brush
    • Dust brush
    • Overhead projector sheets cut in 1/4’s
    • Needle files
    • Sandpaper
    • 3M polishing papers
    • Polishing pads

    *Fire in Place Opal Source:

    • Prior to class, approximately a week before class, I will send you a PDF file of the lesson. (Please keep this for your eyes only due to copyright)
    • Students will receive a link to a Go to Meeting (no account needed) and should arrive 15 mins. prior to the start of the first class.  (I'm in PA eastern standard time)
    • During class I'll talk about design and demo major steps
    • You can ask any applicable questions you need during class.
    • If you need to try something while I'm there to watch, no problem.
    • If you miss a class, bring any creative development homework to the next session.
    • Please take progress picture(s) of your piece. I will have a Private board for you to upload the pictures, so we can all view it, this way I can reference it, or point to it during our session to describe what needs to be done next.
 Please send this creative development homework it at least 30 mins. before class if not sooner -- stopping to upload pictures disrupts class time.
    • Holly Gage cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising bad internet connections. You should have a camera on your computer to participate. Other people on your personal network may also impede the session, so it is recommended that only one person in your household should use the network at a time. Headphones are recommended.
    • If technical difficulties prevent an individual from communicating during the group session or impedes an entire session, I will communicate with that person after the session to rectify the problem. If technical difficulties disrupt the entire session, make up time shall be added to the end of the sessions.
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