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Being chosen for an award is a humbling experience. I am honored to have received these accolades.
International Perfume Bottle Association
"Gothic Raven Perfume Bottle"

May 2024

Gothic Raven Perfume Bottle was a 2nd place winner. Sterling Silver,  2 1/4 x 1 1/4", (4) 2 mm rubies, (1) 5 mm ruby. Architecture and nature meet in this piece with ravens flying about and resting before their next adventure. I was inspired by the challenge of very complex construction and design and successfully combining natural elements in a formal manner with contrasting textures. Each element of this piece is hand-carved, sculpted, and textured.

Gothic Ravens Perfume Bottle by Holly Gage
gothic raven perfume bottle opened by Holly Gage
gothic ravens perfume bottle top by Holly Gage
International Perfume Bottle Association
"Floral Perfume Bottle"

May 2022

Sterling Silver ,  3 x 3". I’ve always loved the sculptural quality of flowers. My pastime is often spent at arboretums, lagging behind taking photographic studies of curated collections from every angle. I’ve journeyed from natural-looking flowers to this more stylized botanical version. The body and petals are sculpted by hand. I thoroughly enjoy the process of placing petals on one at a time until the flower is ready to go in a kiln. The bud dauber was fun to make as I envision it spiraling open in the Spring.

Floral Perfume Bottle with Bud Dauber by Holly Gage
Metal Clay Europe - Love Challenge
"Woodland Romance"

Aug 7, 2016

"Woodland Romance" was the 1st Place winner and it was lovingly made for Meghan's woodland themed wedding. Every part of the necklace represented the couple. The two birds represented the two lovebirds they are. Under the Moon — I love you to the moon and back was the heir favorite phrase. The infinity clasp for everlasting love. 

Saul Bell Design Award
Recognizing Distinction in Jewelry Design

September 2015

The Saul Bell Design Award recognizes jewelers for reaching greater heights of skill and knowledge. To conceive and execute a career-defining design. To break free from constraints, expectations, and precedents. To accept the challenge of a lifetime—and to be recognized around the world for excellence in jewelry design.
Je t'aime - Dual Flame by Holly Gage, 2nd place Award Winner in the Metal Clay category
Saul Bell winner interview:

Metal Clay Europe - Koi Fish, Greek God and Goddesses and
Autumn Leaves Challenge
"Sea Goddess"

Jan. 31, 2013

"Sea Goddess" was the 2nd Place winner of the contest selected by Metal Clay leaders of the Metal Clay industry.



Holly Gage awards
Top Pick Holly Gage
Narcisuss Award Finalist Holly Gage for When Peace Talks pendant
Butterfly Wings by Holly Gage
Dakota Grasshopper by Holly Gage
Secret Places by Holly Gage
Floral S-catch by Holly Gage
Silver domed bead caps by Holly Gage
Silver pods by Holly Gage
Silver leaves by Holly Gage
Silver Funky Spiral by Holly Gage
Beads 2008 & 2009 Top Picks
Beadworks Magazine

July 2008, July 2009

Editors of Beadworks Magazine, a publication by Interweave Press, chose the best beads and findings available on the market. Presented in themed groups, the editors picked their favorites and gave consumers bead-buying and design advice. Eight silver components and focal pieces were chosen from the Gage Designs Collection by Holly Gage.



Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Contest 2007

January 18, 2008

Silver Prize Winner Holly Gage in the Art Clay category

"Nature's Renewal"


16" necklace, 87 mm x 34 mm hand-sculpted Fine Silver focal, (5) 4 mm white cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls, hand-sculpted clasp.

There is a marvelous symmetry and structure to pods and their natural design. They start as vibrant flowers and then the beautiful flowers die, which is sad. The pods dry and most people don't think twice about them, but within the pods are seeds, and the potential for new life and a renewal. It's amazing how the life-cycle works.





















5th Annual Bead Arts Award 2007

Second Place in the Mixed Media Category
"Sea Urchin"

45 mm x 20 mm, Fine Silver hollow focal with (6) 4 mm Alexantrites and Crystalline Rainbow Titanium.


This year, the esteemed judges were jewelry artist and author Valerie Hector, glass and fiber artist Gail Crosman Moore, and designer and author Margie Deeb. "We're so grateful for their time and expertise in selecting this year's winners. It was a challenging task to choose from among so many wonderful works of art, but clearly several pieces stood out as particularly outstanding in their craft, design and application of the materials. Congratulations to the winners on your achievement!"













2005 Narcissus Award Finalist Holly Gage

New Age Retailer

                                                                                                                        October 20, 2005

Dear Chris and Holly,


I am very pleased to inform you The Peace Pendant from Gage Designs has been named a 2005 Narcissus Award Finalist by New Age Retailer magazine, the premier trade magazine serving the New Age and body/mind/spirit marketplace.

The Narcissus Awards: The Best in Body, Mind, and Spirit debuted last year. In 2005, more than 4,500 products were submitted for review consideration in our pages, and more than 500 products were selected for review by our independent reviewers. Out of these hundreds and thousands, the editors of New Age Retailer have selected 30 Narcissus Award finalists - the best products the New Age has to offer. The three category winners will be announced in the New Year issue and not released to anyone beforehand.


To describe the process: Our selection criteria focused solely on the published reviews by our independent reviewers. Ten finalists were selected in each of three categories: books, giftware, and music. Unlike other award programs in our marketplace, Narcissus Award nominees pay no fee for consideration. In fact, all products reviewed in a given year are eligible for the awards. Of course, our independent review-consideration process continues to be free for wholesalers. We believe producers of great body/mind/spirit products deserve honest, dignified recognition, and we hope the Narcissus Awards serve to support and promote the specific products honored, the authors, artists, and companies that created them, and the New Age industry as a whole.


Congratulations, again, on being named a 2005 Narcissus Award Finalist, and thank you for your fine contributions to our marketplace.




Ray Hemachandra, editor in chief
New Age Retailer magazine
2183 Alpine Way
Bellingham, WA 98226

Nature's Renewal by Holly Gage, Fire Mountain Silver Award
5th Annual Bead Arts Award 2007 2nd place winner Holly Gage
When Peace Talks by Holly Gage emblazed with peace and love symbols from around the world
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