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I love teaching, so I travel the world to offer Metal Clay with metalsmith classes, and lecture on new techniques. My presentations emphasize developing the creativity of the artist within. Innovative technique and design based lessons are presented to inspire, strengthen technique and design skills, and elevate the student's abilities to the next level.

Not seeing a class near you? Check out my Online Interactive Classes or Contact me  at 717-445-5755 or by e-mail me at to schedule a class at your nearby guild or center.

Live Online Workshop

The Art of Designing a Signature Jewelry Line
Mondays, March 23, 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27 (skip May 4) 11, 18,
(skip May 25), June 1, 8
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST
10-week group sessions • 90 min. Live & Interactive on Go to Meeting
$395 (Full)


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Are you ready to make a line of jewelry of your own design? Pieces that can be identified as yours without your name next to it? Pieces that help you find the Voice inside longing to sing?

Our discussions include:

• Achieving cohesion in your work.

• Discussing jewelry themes; jewelry styles through the ages; color usage; technique usage;
  materials, and more to help you express your voice.

• How to research, explore, experiment, and discover while releasing preconceptions
  and boundaries of creativity.

• Assigned Creative Development homework for interpreting these concepts in your own work.

• Studying what makes a cohesive line of jewelry through the review of living artist examples.

• Creating  an artist statement to clarify your direction and purpose


Live Online Workshop

Bezel Setting  Like a Pro
Friday, April 17 - May 8 • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

(4) week 1-hour live, and interactive online group sessions on Go to Meeting

All levels of ability



Bezel Setting Like a Pro
May 4 - 18 (Skip May 25), June 1 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
(4) week 1-hour live, and interactive online group sessions on Go to Meeting
All levels of ability

Bezel Setting Like a Pro
Wed, May 13, 20, 27, June 3 • 6:00 pm -7:00 pm EST?

(4) week 1-hour live, and interactive online group sessions on Go to Meeting
All levels of ability

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A fantastic stone needs a fantastic setting and in this workshop, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to make. The key to a professionally set stone is with good craftsmanship and a clean, and well-finished bezel. During the class, you will learn design concepts surrounding the creation of a bezel for a stone of your choice using fine silver bezel wire. The bezel will be attached to a piece which has been designed and fired first. Afterward, you will attach the bezel to the rest of your piece and prepare for a second firing. Finally, the stone will be set and ready for the final touch. The result will have people wondering, “How did you do that?” So come and join me, and you too will be setting stones like a pro.

To prepare ahead for class, bring a stone or glass cab (approximately 15 mm – 30 mm)  Faceted stones, cabs or glass cabs welcome – please stay away from irregularly shaped stones until you gain confidence and experience with this technique.


Materials List: PMC 3 or Low fire Art Clay, Art Clay Paste® (brand specific), glycerin, fine silver bezel wire the height of the stone, 400 sandpaper, 3 M polishing papers, polishing cloth. Advantedge polishing wheels, 3M bristle wheels, rotary tool, and plier set.


Do you need a nice cabochon for your project. Check out my husband, Christopher Gage's 10 at 10 am on Thursday Auctions.

1 Spot
1 Spot
1 Spot

Live Online Workshop
Nefertem Perfume Bottle: God of Perfume
Tuesday, April 14 - May 12 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
5-week group sessions • 60 min. Live & Interactive on Go to Meeting

$225 (introductory price, will be $275)


Nefertem Perfume Bottle: God of Perfume
Thursday, April 16 - May 14 • 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST
5-week group sessions • 60 min. Live & Interactive on Go to Meeting
$225 (introductory price, will be $275) (FULL)


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The earliest use of perfume bottles is credited to the Egyptians with Nefertem being the god of perfume, beauty, and healing. Our lesson will focus on creating an original bottle design by using symmetrical balance concepts in our planning. We'll start with a combustible core in which to form our hollow construction, apply a foot to the bottle and a flange at the top. Repetitive design elements of varying sizes will be used in dry to dry construction techniques to decorate the surface of the bottle, and an ornamental bottle stopper and stem will finish it off elegantly. I think you will be surprised you can achieve complex construction with step by step instruction and
proper planning.


Art Clay Silver 25 g and PMC Sterling 925 25g  (we will mix to make our own 960, which s 50/50 of each clay),  texture sheets, Wood or cork clay, Elmer® Gel glue, 3M polishing papers, Rubber polishing wheels for Silver, blue (medium), pink (fine) for rotary tool, 3M Radial Bristle Brushes 400 grit to fine, A block of polymer clay to make "props" for dimensional forms, Basic Tool Kit

2 Spot

Live Online Workshop

Romancing the Stone: Reverse Stone Setting
Tuesday, May 5 - June 2 • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST
5-week group sessions • 60 min. Live & Interactive on Go to Meeting
All levels of ability
$275 (FULL)

Romancing the Stone
Thursday, April 23 - May 21 • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST
5 week group sessions • 60 min. Live & Interactive on Go to Meeting
All levels of ability
$275 (FULL)

Have Questions? How do Online Classes Work?

Delicate gems need special treatment and an extra-special setting.  Many beautiful stones can not be fired in place, so when you wish to overlap the stone with details you add an additional challenge to the design of your piece. My solution is setting the gem from the back.  It may sound as if you have to design the whole piece backward, but this is not the case. Not only that, it is so much easier than you could have imagined! 

We will discuss successful design to enhance the stone, bezel setting, tube bails, tube set gems, flush set gems, buds, snake charming, finishing techniques and more. This is like my Bezel Setting Like a Pro Class on steroids!

Bring to class a 15 – 25 mm flat stone or faceted stone with a flat table or front surface. Beware of stones having a deep pavilion or back as they may not sit flat on the body. Other fire in place gems are optional.

Materials List: PMC 3 or Low fire Art Clay, Art Clay Paste®, Glycerin, A Stone 15 – 25 mm, Fine silver bezel wire, Texture plate,  Extruder and tube adapter, Carving tool or mini Dockyard®
tools, Mascara brush (optional), 4 - 6 mm fire in place gem, Gem bur the size of the stone, Advantedge® Rubber polishing wheels for Silver: coarse to fine for rotary tool, 3M radial bristle discs coarse to fine for rotary tool, Bezel rocker or burnisher,  Basic Tool Kit.


Due to the Coronavirus the Retreat is Rescheduled to June 14 - 18, 2021

Whimsical Critter Retreat by Holly Gage


Metal Clay Artists Symposium

August 27 - 30, 2020

at Sawtooth School for Visual Art

251 N. Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
To register, go to:

Here is a great gathering of new and experienced Metal Clay artists. Join a workshop or a number of stimulating activities planned:













  • & DONUTS!



Ever-Changing World: Kinetic Pendant
with Holly Gage
Friday and Saturday, August 28 & 29, 2020
9:00 am - 5:30 pm
2-day Class
Intermediate, Advanced, Beginners who understand basic principles


Personal memorabilia and the theme of moving on in an "ever-changing world," will become the inspiration for the elements in your kinetic necklace. The technical portion of this project is inspired by constantly changing designs in wind kinetics and wind sculpture. We will explore:
• Multiple free moving parts and kinetic motion.
• Purposeful design while creating sub-patterns as the spinners pass one another.
• Flush and Metal Clay tube set gem
• Ball set riveted connections
• Stilt connections

Bring a piece of personal memorabilia that has meaning to you. Anything can be used as inspiration such as a piece of cloth, a trinket, or a picture. This item is meant to stimulate your creativity.
All basic tools needed for class will be available. (Bring your favorite metal clays tools, carving tools, flexible shaft or rotary tool, hand vise, riveting hammer, steel hammer plate, all optional.)

Kit includes:
• 50g of hand-mix 960 (PMC Sterling and Art Clay Silver),

• (5) Gems 3 - 5 mm
• 1.5” 14 gauge sterling wire

• Stencil paper for templates

• 400 sandpaper, 3 M polishing papers, polishing cloth.


Igniting the Inferno of Creative Desire
with Holly Gage
Sunday, August 30, 2019, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon


Inspiration is the Spark • Exploration Fuels the Fire • Engaging Curiosity Creates the Fireworks
What happens when your creative self is stuck, you get brain freeze or hit a wall? How do you jumpstart the creative process?
Join Holly to explore the possibilities of:
• Finding new inspirational sources
• Stimulating new ideas
• Igniting free thought to snuff out the doubts and allow for a new path of Creative Discovery

These workshops are a part of the Metal Clay Artists Symposium and require the purchase of the General Registration.


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  6. Although we are all in the jewelry field with several questions, staying focused on the topic of the evening is suggested.

  7. Holly Gage cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising from Go to Meeting. Checked your equipment PRIOR to the start of our sessions together. Other people on your personal network may also impede the session, so it is recommended that only one person in your household should use the network at a time.

  8. Please turn off cell phones and other distractions during class. I set of headphones may be helpful.

  9. If technical difficulties prevent an individual from communicating during the group session or impede an entire session, I will communicate with that person after the session to rectify the problem. If technical difficulties disrupt the session, make-up time shall be added to the end of the session.

  10. Note: Please be considerate, your enrollment affects the run of the class, so cancellations less than 3 weeks will be non-refundable. In addition, once materials or the lesson has been given to you the class fee is non-refundable. Please be on time for class, and test your equipment prior to class as this affects all participants involved. I am happy to run a test with you
    if need be.


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