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Student  Referrals

I love my students, and I think they know it.
Metal clay instructor Holly Gage
Conference speaker Holly Gage
Holly Gage metal clay teacher and student

I measure my teaching and mentoring success by my students' achievements. My students are getting published in books and magazines; finding their artistic voice in unexpected places; starting their own line of unique jewelry; opening their own store; and learning success doesn't necessarily mean you work harder, it means you work smarter.

"This is the second class I have done remotely with Holly and it won't be my last. She has great attention to detail, good notes, couldn't be more supportive and lots of interesting and helpful information. The feedback from the other participants was helpful and it was lovely to see how their work progressed as well.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this course. It's challenged me to explore what makes me do what I do, and research things I'd taken for granted. I've lots of ideas, if anything too many, but I now feel that I can focus my ideas so that I don't drift off into lots of different things. If you want to develop your style this is a perfect course for it, and Holly's expertise and 'the peanut gallery' you get lots of support. Thanks Holly x

(The Art of Designing a Signature Jewelry Line with Holly Gage)
Eleanor Kee Wellman

"I love the concept of the mentoring sessions via Skype. It really feels like two girlfriends getting together over a cup of coffee for a heart-to-heart chat. I always leave the sessions inspired and full of ideas to implement. I am profoundly grateful that someone with your level of experience and business acumen is willing to be so open and accessible to your students and is genuinely invested in their personal success as artists. Your love for your art and your passion for what you do really shines when you are mentoring."

(Mentoring/Student with Holly Gage)
Laura Guzy 


"I would like to share how giving Holly is with her experience and her techniques. She is a person with compassion and integrity and I would recommend any of her coaching sessions, she has so much experience and is willing and wanting to help others in all areas of their art and career."

(Mentoring/Student with Holly Gage)
Jen Cabic

"Learning my design style and the importance of taking myself seriously is integral to my business. I have implemented a schedule, concentrating on being organized in my approach to my art. The confidence inspired by Holly is priceless."

 (Mentoring/Online lessons with Holly Gage) Gayle Synder



"I highly recommend this class. It is one of the most useful design training I have encountered. I find that I use the design skills I obtained from Holly Ginsberg Gage often, from everything to garden planning."

(Designing with Intention
with Holly Gage)
 Julie Poux Cannariato 


" …I love you!!! A session with you is more like an experience and an unforgettable time where you connect with someone who is so talented and beautiful inside and out, there aren't enough words someone could come up with to describe all what you learn about the art and what you learn about your own self including all the positive feelings you go home with!! Love you and miss you lots!!!"

(Private Metal Clay Class with Holly Gage)
Elizabeth Giambelluca


Hawaiian Metal Clay Retreat
I just wanted to say what a wonderful time Lauren and I had in Hawaii! An amazing place, a fantastic class with wicked classmates and two of the best teachers! I've learnt so, so much and made some wonderful friends......can't wait to do more and may we get together again in the future.

(Metal Clay Retreat Student with
Holly Gage) Kate Churcher


Hawaiian Metal Clay Retreat
"A wonderful and supportive group led by our fabulous sensei, Holly and Gordon and deliciously fed by the other Gages! For me, it was a rare chance at total immersion in right-brained creativity. Mahalo!"

 (Metal Clay Retreat Student
with Holly Gage) Tina Carvalho


"Holly, you are a consummate teacher and mentor, and a really great person. I have learned so much from you and want to keep doing it."

 (Metal Clay Retreat Student with
Holly Gage) Mary Sewell Cooper


"I have learned to look at things in a much different light.  You are teaching me to be descriptive, keep to a schedule the best I can, think out of the box, tell the old tapes in my head and old behaviors to take a hike and replace them with positive thoughts.  I'm getting really good at that!  You have helped me to get rid of the "What if's" and helped me focus on the "creative ideas" instead of, "What if I'm not good enough".  I am so just so grateful to you and your gentle, kind coaxing.  :)"

 (Mentoring/Student with Holly Gage) Pam McGinnis

"The information you posted regarding patina was so informative, detailed and so extremely helpful!…
…I didn't think about patina, I just wanted to learn about suing it and stumbled across your article/blog.  
It's people like you, who so graciously help newbies like me to see the results of techniques which we may never know unless we go through the very expensive trial and error process, which can easily take the joy out of making jewelry."

Donna Warriner


"Not only is Holly an awesome teacher and incredible artist, but she is also very knowledgeable of the back end processes involved in jewelry-making.  She is very willing to share whatever knowledge she has to help you improve yourself in whatever capacity you want to improve.  I am so grateful to have had a session with her!"

  (Metal Clay Retreat Student with
Holly Gage) Jennifer Blumenthal

"I learned (through your encouragement) that you have to go after what it is that you want:  Do you want to have an article in a magazine?  Submit a proposal! You can't wait for the magazine to come knocking on your door. Do you want to travel and teach?  Approach art centers and art studios with ideas and suggestions.  I saw through you that it takes tenacity to make it as a teaching jewelry artist, but that it can be done if you work at it.  It's a job like any other-hard work and dedication pay off! Holly, I loved working with you and I wish that we lived closer!"

 (Apprentice for a year with Holly Gage) Erin L.M. Harris


"Mentoring with you was a wonderful experience for me.  The best thing for me (besides making you my friend for life!), was learning to slow down and follow the steps to a successful end.  Previously, I had thought of myself as "the queen of down and dirty".  But you proved to me that this is not the best way   I needed to pay attention to the details of each step.  This is probably the best thing I learned.

Also, I got a lot of tips from you...on how best to approach a step, on useful tools, on being patient while in the process."

(Online Mentoring Lessons/Student with Holly Gage) Pat Pendry

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