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Casting in the jewelry industry is a tried and true practice for making multiples of a single design or making several components to be put together afterward. Several well-known artists and companies such as Tiffany, have used casting to create a line of jewelry distinctly their own.

Designing a Metal Clay piece master for casting is a bit different than regular jewelry design. Not all designs are good candidates. Covered here is a step by step of the process and designing dos and don’ts. In addition, you get invaluable advice about finding a caster, discussing your job, and communicating your needs effectively.

Design to Cast Jewelry Line Tutorial by Holly Gage

  • Lessons are in a PDF format are for students who need no teacher guidance with the lesson. You do, however, have an option to purchase a 1 hour question and answer session by appointment.

    To purchase a private session in addition to the self guided lesson, select the "A Private Session with Holly Gage." separately. You can select how many sessions you would like. Sessions are live on the Go to Meeting platform. This option is for seeking answers to questions and have an interest in seeing  Holly Gage perform select demonstrations.

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