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It's no secret I love to teach, and I love my students. Nothing excites me more than to see you succeed. My 42 years in the jewelry industry includes a Metalsmith and Metal Clay focus and retail and wholesale experience. This extensive experience allows me to develop and offer my signature jewelry-making techniques and business guidance. My job is to help you feel confident with your new skills.

I can teach an entire lesson, or for those purchasing a session with a self-guided lesson in the "Metal Clay Tutorials section," you can select how many sessions you would like in 1-hour increments. I am here to answer questions and perform all or select demonstrations. After your private session request is made, I will contact you to set the time(s) we are mutually available.

Sessions are live on the Go to Meeting platform, which is free to use. All you need is a camera to participate on your computer or phone. I also offer a recording of each class which is yours to download and keep forever. So let's do this and have some fun!


Private Online Sessions with Holly Gage

    • Radiant Opal Pendant • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Whimsical Critters • 8-1 hr sessions
    • Nefertem Perfume Bottle: God of Perfume • 5-1 hr sessions
    • Jorvik Viking Purse 2 or 3-day Class • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Carving and Sculpting in Metal Clay • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Pivotal Moments • 6-1 hr sessions Online
    • Romancing the Stone: Reverse Stone Setting • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Modern Hawaiian Petroglyph Pendant • 5-1 hr sessions Tropical Flora Lei Brooch • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Jewelry that Rocks! • 4-1 hr sessions
    • Ever-Changing World: Kinetic Jewelry 6-1 hr sessions
    • Elegant Meadow Pods • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Innovative Prong Solutions • 6-1 hr sessions
    • Negative Space Caning© • 6 - 1 hr sessions
    • Peruvian Applique Style Jewelry • 4-1 hr sessions
    • Repoussé Effects in Metal Clay • 5-1 hr sessions
    • Bezel Setting Like A Pro • 4-1 hr sessions
    • Design to Cast Jewelry Line • 5-1 hr sessions
    • Professional Finishing • 3-1 hr sessions
    1. Prior to online classes, I will send you a PDF file of the lesson, and an invitation link to Go to Meeting.

    2. Included with the lesson is a "Materials List" with items you will need to purchase.

    3. The recommended class length is under each class description. For Private 1-2-1 sessions, you may add time if need be.

    4. Come to class 5 mins early on the first day to sign in and test your equipment. You will need a device with a camera and microphone. Headphones are highly suggested.

    5. All learning takes place in the classroom versus e-mail, so I can discuss details and demonstrate solutions.

    6. Before the next lesson, I request you take a picture(s) of your piece and send these files to me at least 30 mins. — stopping to upload pictures and files disrupts  "your" time. During the session, I can reference it and describe what needs to be done next.

    7. Holly Gage cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising from means beyond her control or poor connections.  Other people on your personal network may also impede the session, so it is recommended that only one person in your household should use the network at a time, YOU. If technical difficulties prevent you from communicating during the session or impede an entire session, I will communicate with you after the session by
      e-mail to make arrangements to rectify the problem.

    8. Class payment can be made by Paypal or Credit card. Gage Designs will show up on your statement.

    9. We can set up all of our meetings ahead of time and add a session as need be.

    Cancellation Policy: Once materials or the lesson have been given to you, the class fee is non-refundable. Things come up, so if you can't make an appointment, a 24-hour notice is needed and the session can be rescheduled at no charge. If less than 24 hours then 100% of the session will be charged as I am blocking time just for you and planning around our time together.

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