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Thursdays, Dec. 5, 12, 19, (skip 26,) Jan. 2 • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST
(4) week 1-hour live, and interactive online group sessions on Go to Meeting
All levels of ability

A fantastic stone needs a fantastic setting and in this workshop, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to make. The key to a professionally set stone is with good craftsmanship and a clean, and well-finished bezel. During the class, you will learn design concepts surrounding the creation of a bezel for a stone of your choice using fine silver bezel wire. The bezel will be attached to a piece which has been designed and fired first. Afterward, you will attach the bezel to the rest of your piece and prepare for a second firing. Finally, the stone will be set and ready for the final touch. The result will have people wondering, “How did you do that?” So come and join me, and you too will be setting stones like a pro.

To prepare ahead for class, bring a stone or glass cab (approximately 15 mm – 30 mm)  Faceted stones, cabs or glass cabs welcome – please stay away from irregularly shaped stones until you gain confidence and experience with this technique.


Materials List: PMC 3 or Low fire Art Clay, Art Clay Silver Paste Type® (brand specific), glycerin, fine silver bezel wire the height of the stone, 400 sandpaper, 3 M polishing papers, polishing cloth. Advantedge polishing wheels, 3M bristle wheels, rotary tool, and plier set.

Stone Setting Like A Pro Class

    • Holly Gage cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising from Go to Meeting. Checked your equipment PRIOR to the start of the sessions together.
    • Other people on your personal network may also impede the session, so it is recommended only one person in your household use the network at a time.
    • Please turn off cell phones and other distractions during class. A set of headphones may be helpful.
    • If technical difficulties prevent an individual from communicating during the group session or impede an entire session, Holly will communicate with that person after the session to rectify the problem.
    • If technical difficulties disrupt the session, make-up time shall be added to the end of the session.
    • Please be on time for class, and test your equipment prior to class as this affects all participants involved. Hollyy is happy to run a test with you if need be.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Please be considerate, your enrollment affects the run of the class, so cancellations less than 3 weeks will be non-refundable.
    • Once materials or the lesson has been given to you the class fee is non-refundable
    • Class material and fees are for that class only and are not exchangeable for another class or time slot.
  • The Online classes are live and interactive with Holly Gage on the Go To Meeting platform. All you need is a camera on your computer or phone.

    • A week or so prior to class, Holly will send you a PDF file of the lesson.
    • During each class she demonstrates a part of the lesson and you will spend the week trying it on your own and you will come back to the next class with your "Creative Development Homework" so far.
    • Together you will discuss it, ask questions, talk about challenges, or just celebrate what you've achieved.
    • The sessions continue in that manner until you are done with the course.
    • Classes cover design concepts as well as technique.
    • Classes are kept small and personal, about 4-5 students to keep them light and enjoyable engaging all members of the class.
    • If you miss a class, you can catch up at the next session where I will give a quick review of the prior session.
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