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The Art of Designing a Signature Jewelry Line 

Monday, July 29 - Oct. 21 at 1:00 PM - 2:30 Eastern
(skipping Aug. 12, Sept 2, Oct. 14 )
10-week sessions, 90 mins over Go to Meeting


Are you ready to make a line of jewelry of your own design? Pieces that can be identified as yours without your name next to them? Pieces that help you find the Voice inside longing to sing? The Art of Designing a Signature Jewelry Line course helps you develop a unique, cohesive line of jewelry.

Our discussions include:

  • Achieving cohesion in your work.
  • Discussing jewelry themes; jewelry styles through the ages; color usage; technique usage; materials, and more to help you express your voice.
  • How to research, explore, experiment, and discover while releasing preconceptions and boundaries of creativity.
  • Assigned Creative Development homework for interpreting these concepts in your own work.
  • Studying what makes a cohesive line of jewelry through the review of living artist examples.
  • Creating  an artist statement to clarify your direction and purpose

The Art of Designing a Signature Jewelry Line

    1. Prior to class, I will send you a PDF file of the lesson. For this class series you will receive a new handout every other week.
    2. Students should arrive to Go to Meeting 5 mins. prior to the first class.
    3. Go to Meeting has a built in clock and it will keep track of time for us. 
    4. With multiple sessions, if you miss a class, you can catch up at the next session where I will give a quick review of the prior session.
    5. Bring any creative development homework to the next session, when applicable.
    6. Although we are all in the jewelry field with several questions, staying focused on the topic of the evening is suggested.
    7. Holly Gage cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising from Go to Meeting. Checked your equipment PRIOR to the start of our sessions together. Other people on your personal network may also impede the session, so it is recommended that only one person in your household should use the network at a time.
    8. Please turn off cell phones and other distractions during class. I set of headphones may be helpful.
    9. If technical difficulties prevent an individual from communicating during the group session or impede an entire session, I will communicate with that person after the session to rectify the problem. If technical difficulties disrupt the session, make-up time shall be added to the end of the session.
    10. Note: Please be considerate, your enrollment affects the run of the class, so cancellations less than 3 weeks will be non-refundable. Also, please be on time for class, and test your equipment prior to class as this affects all participants involved. I am happy to run a test with you if need be.
  • I love, love, love this class! If you can take it, please do! Holly is a wonderful teacher, and so informative and inspiring. She certainly helped me in my journey. ~ Kate Schroeder

    This is an amazing class with a truly remarkable teacher! It gave me pathways for thinking that I would not have had access to on my own. It changed my work for the better by several factors. Highly recommended and I hope to take it again one day.  ~ Loretta Hackman

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