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When Peace Talks

symbolizing  peace and love from around the world

When Peace Talks, it speaks of love and equality for all people, preservation of and respect for the art, science, and religion within different races and cultures, and world unity passed on to future generations. This is the calming message we would like to spread around the globe. When Peace Talks© has become our new symbol for peace.

The original design of When Peace Talks© is a personal expression of hope and peace. As inhabitants of this great earth, we are more alike than different. We share a desire to love, protect, and care for our families in harmony, in spite of the vastly diverse “worlds” in which we live. Our goal with When Peace Talks© was to create a symbol that represents the global desires of men, women and children to achieve harmonious peace, and to pass it on to the next generation. We have discovered that those with whom we have shared this new peace symbol were uplifted by its deep meaning. We hope this is the case with all who wear it.


Wear your pendant close to your heart and let this spiritual symbol motivate you to find inner peace, and the strength and courage to pass it on to others.


~ Chris and Holly Gage

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