I've been writing articles, teaching, and speaking about techniques with Metal Clay in combination with metalsmith skills from the day I started my obsession. Sharing with others is my favorite part because it only feeds the pool of knowledge in the end. Here you will find Free and low-cost tutorial. Keep your eye on this page as I add more items. For more learning also see the 1 to 1 Mentoring Interactive Online Classes.

Design to Cast Jewelry Line by Holly Gage

Casting in the jewelry industry is a tried and true practice for making multiples of a single design or making several components to be put together afterward. Several well-known artists and companies such as Tiffany, have used casting to create a line of jewelry distinctly their own.

Designing a piece Metal Clay master for casting is a bit different than regular jewelry design. Not all designs are good candidates. Covered here is a step by step of the process and designing dos and don’ts. In addition, you get invaluable advice about finding a caster, discussing your job, and communicating your needs effectively.


How to design metal clay jewelry for casting

Metal Clay Tutorials

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Recipes for using Liver of Sulfur on Silver
Beauty and the Beastly Smell by Holly Gage

Liver of sulfur, a stinky jewelry studio standby, can be used to create beautiful patinas on Silver. This mysterious and stinky solution creates colors as dark as night or as beautiful as an iridescent rainbow. And they range from subtle gold to magenta, purple, and everything in between. For some, it’s not just the smell. It’s easy to be intimidated or baffled by the surprising results that can be achieved. Liver of sulfur (LOS) can be fun and spontaneous on one hand and unpredictable on the other. I’ve done quit a bit of research and a number of bench experiments to bring you solutions, recipes, and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using it with metal clay.

Are you an Artist that wants More, More, M.O.R.E. by Holly Gage

Are you obsessed with your craft? Have moments where ideas come so fast through your head that eating, sleeping and keeping up your home is secondary? At the same time, you may have the tendency for several projects to be going at the same time and with every new idea you’re off to start another. Maybe you finish those projects or maybe they sit on your workbench for months. What about the direction of your jewelry business, have you been deliberate with your efforts or have you tried a number of creative approaches to succeed, but lack the focus to really jump start a true pattern of success? Is this the creative process at work or is this something else? Is it time for M.O.R.E. (Mastering Overactive & Random Creative Energy) in your life?

Artist ADD

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